RTMP Server

Hello all,

just a little update on a recent project I listed in a prior post, I managed to setup a RTMP server on a little ARM server. I know, nothing major, but, still cool and interesting to me. Sadly, I don’t have any screen shots to show but that is ok. Now to be honest, the install wasn’t that bad nor hard. I simply followed a little guide posted on the OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) forums and within 20mins I had a working, yet simple RTMP server. Once installed I verifed that things were actually working as should, by using VLC to view the stream and OBS to broadcast the stream to the server. It worked! Granted a little slowly, but that could be fixed via different encoding options in OBS or tuning the NGINX config. I am still far away from having a fully configured and completed setup but at least the first steps are done. My ultimate goal is to embed this into a webpage on Blogtastic, so that others can easily view the stream via their browsers. I did play around with DASH and a player yesterday without really reading the documentation and you can guess how that went. Yup, it failed epically! I have no clue what the problem is, but I do plan on actually reading up on the idea and reading the documentation to have a better grasp on the situation. Maybe within a week I can have this working correctly and I can start streaming my newbie adventures to the server for all to enjoy, instead of to Twitch.

If you want a little recap on my wish-list of projects to-do check out the post Personal Projects.

I feel a little guilty for not posting anything to the blog for 2 months. What can I say I been a busy person with work, family, and work. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing and keeping a little log of things I been up to.

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