Reading KJV in Style

The topic is religious leaning, so if that isn’t your cup of tea then I’d suggest skipping this one and waiting for the next, which more than likely will be about something techy.

Well, a couple weeks ago I got to thinking about reading the Bible entirely since I never completed it as a teen, but, thanks to a out of state move I seemed to misplaced my old Bible I’ve had since a young kid (still feeling a little blue about this). I rarely trust online Bibles or sites to be exactly what I’m looking for and I really didn’t want to be connected to the Internet just to read. So, thanks to Youtube’s video suggestion algorithm I found a interesting video, youtube link. Reading the Bible in the terminal, sweet! Not exactly what I was expecting or looking for, but I can’t argue that is didn’t solve my issue. On top of that it shows the Linux shell is just awesome and allows me to read in straight-up nerdy style. The gentleman from the video explains how to use the program really well if you are interested in giving it a try. I must also give thanks to bontibon for creating the program and designing it to be easy to use.

Side note: I did find one of my older Bibles, not the KJV I love, but the NIV study Bible. Which the NIV happens to be really awesome and provides great footnotes and explanations. I will mostly use my NIV but I will still use the KJV program as well, it’s just too nerdy not too.

Extra Links:

(KJV Git repo)

(Video of Luke Smith showing off & explaining the program)