Podcasts vs Captalism

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Hey all,

Today I wanted to throw a couple thoughts out about some recent news, mainly a post from the Verge, The Podcasting World is Now Spotify vs Everyone Else. It appears Spotify has been buying podcasts in order to have exclusives. I’m unsure if Spoitfy actually bought the podcast companies or just signed a contract for exclusive content only for Spotify. I am not agaisnt corpations pursuing buissness advantages that would benefit them. It is after their business and they will and should make choices that will help them to grow if that is their wish. The business world is not pretty, it’s cut throat and there will be losers and winners.

Spotify fracturing the open podcast world.

This is certainly true. These decesions will presude some podcast hosts to move exclusivly to Spotify in hopes of more views and potentially more revenue. I can’t blame them. Spotify is offering a decent deal in a world where no one has been agressive. I don’t see it stopping at Joe Rogan, not in the least. I see it going futher and more aggressive to capture the possibly rebudding market. Though, it’s sad to see some big names be convincened to make the jump, losing our universal RSS feed and choice of applications or methods of listening to the podcasts. I for one, was happy with our quiet un-adulerated world of RSS and many, many, choices of pocast catchers/applications and user freedom. But is Spotify really to be blamed?

There was time.

There was time for Open-Source communities or software to be taken mainstream, turning it into a private company or L.L.C or another form, to capture the market. If an Open-Source group could have pushed and raised funding, they could be in Spotify’s shoes, offering these podcast or other ones incentives to become exclusive to their Open-Source platform. Or maybe another mutated deal that would allow for RSS, user freedom, and incentive to do what many think is right. Take a look toward the gaming world and at Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (Playstation) with their exclusives. Maybe this is a model that might be adapted at some point. It may not be the best nor what we really want, but, it could be acceptable. In case you are wondering what I mean, the model I’m talking about is a limited time exclusive. For so long the episodes would remain exclusive on Spotify, but after a bit (and money made back) they could release that episode from under their exclusivity rights. Allowing for the show to be populated in RSS feeds and people would have their choice, granted, at a later time. A week, a month, or even a season late? I could live with that. While season x is only on Spotify, season y (past season) is not free for all. Spotify could still insert their ads into the past shows (which they probably would).

So, it may suck but it’s not the end of the world. We can still bite the bullet and use Spotify for those certain shows, or wait and see how this plays out. Or, worse case, we find new podcasts. Either way we can still continue on and who knows, find some good unknown shows and even help promote them to grow!


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