Personal Projects

So we all have our interests and things we want to do. I’m no different, I see something shiny and I want to fiddle with it right then and there.

Well I been trying to create very loose plan in my head for projects I’m wanting to attempt or play with. And I figured I would share them with you all. I will also write my experiences with each project on my blog as I work through them.

My personal lists for Q1 2020:

  • IRC server on VPS or PI@home?

  • Self-host E-mail server (I really want to host this at home on a Cubox, but, I doubt it will go as plan. I’ll prob go with a VPS.)

  • Gitea server @home on Raspberry Pi or Cubox. (Not sure if I want to actually use Gitea at home and mirror that to Gitlab, or have bare Git repo at home and mirror those to a VPS with Gitea installed.)

  • Writing my own static site generator.

  • Redesigning and writing my blog from scratch to create a theme I like more and that works well with w3m browser.

  • Tiny Tiny RSS. (I’m wanting to through a RSS thingy ma-bob onto my NAS so I can keep track of all the interesting blogs I find on Fosstodon and Mastodon in general.)

  • A torrent seedbox or what ever people call them now days.

  • Possibly my own Pixelfed and or Peertube depending on how each platform progresses this year. (I would really like a private Pixelfed, so that I may use it for shareing family photos to, well, family. Also, I’m sort of leaning towards LBRY for video hosting needs.)

So, the list is not set in stone, it can and may change depending on time constraints or if I discover another route that is better suited for my needs. There are a few projects I’m interested in but I have no idea if I really need or want them. I just know I want to play with them for a short bit to see what it’s about. Fosspay is one of them. You can check out the link for more info, but, basically it’s a self-hosted donation tool. Allowing you to not rely on sites such as Liberapay or Patreon for handling donation collecton.

I’m curious if anyone else has any planed personal projects for this year and if you want to share that. I’m always interested in more reading material.

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