Moving to SourceHut

I hope all is doing well and staying entertained. As I mentioned in a Fosstodon post I have been playing with SourceHut on ( is the instance right?), giving it a whirl to see if I like it. So far I must say I do indeed like it. It’s simple, clean, and works with the standard tools built into git such as git send email to send your patches (which they have an awesome guide on for us beginners), mostly the forge revolves around email. I actually really dig that! Also, to stay up-to-date with the mailing lists you got a nice web page to view it all and of course you get your emails. SourceHut also has the “todo” page which serves as your bug tracker, and the forge has a build service for all your automated building thingy desires. On top of that they support mercurial hosting. The best part about the source forge is the man pages/wikis They really covered a lot of details and performed an excellent job on the documentation. I dare say it’s so good, you won’t have to Google any thing if you already know some of the basics.

Anyways, today I pulled the trigger and decided to leave Gitlab and move over to I already pushed my simple repos, which contains mostly beginner Bash scripts I personally use on a daily basis, but, maybe there is something there to help the learners of Bash and C++ like myself. If you are interested in checking out the source forge or my repo visit or the landing page - sourcehut. SourceHut is a alpha project, so be warned, there could be some slight hiccups or bugs (Though I personally haven’t experienced any yet). On the bright side there are new features being intergrated and polish being applied the site frequently which makes for a interesting experience, watching the platform mature and evolve. I recommend giving it a whirl for a week, and as always you can shoot me back some of your thoughts on SourceHut.

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention, the site totally works in w3m, requires no JS and the combo of forge + site totally rocks in a TTY! You can read my distracted computing post to get an idea of what I’m aiming for.




Pixelfed - SourceHut this be a sourceforge.

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