Zoom: All your keybases belong to us

The talk on Fediverse is about the “Chinese” company Zoom aquireing Keybases and it seems to have enraged some people while others are just bummed out. Me personally, I couldn’t care less.

@Kev has already posted some stuff about all this and I won’t rehash it. Instead here is a link to his post ~ I somewhat agree with Kev on this, it’s only been a couple days. Lets wait and see what happens before we release the fury.

Ok, that out of the way, now it’s time for the real reason of this post. Keybase seemed useless to begin with, ijs… To me it seemed to be a collection of services thrown together on one site, which is cool and all, but pointless to me. I can do the same on my blog, Fosstodon profile, Git Profile, [insert places here]. Now what I wished keybase was is something akin to SSO (Single Sign On) for simple “account” verification. Forgive me as I try to clarify what I mean, I simply am not knowlegeable enough on this to really put my thoughts to virtual paper.

Keybase acts as a authentication service, which a user would upload their secret key along with a simple description and ID/name/user name. Blogs, forums, or other social focused platforms could intergrate keybase into their platform like Ubuntu Forums did with SSO. When a user navigates to the social site to comment on a post, they wouldn’t need an account. They simply would type there comment and paste (or some other method) their public key and submit the message. You message gets submitted and it would be signed with your public key. No accounts really needed as keybase would auth you on those social services. In cases of a breach to keybase it would be easy to generate a new key, perferably one you use strictly for social web services. Anyways, I know public key gets to wander off the machine while secrete keys stay on the machine. Bah, that’s all details. Someone else could figure out how to properly and securly implement this. As I said, I don’t know enough on how the magic works, but hopefully at least one person can understand what I’m trying to say.

So, that terrible explaination is how I would see any value in keybase. On the other hand I’m interested to see what Zoom has in store for keybase and just how exactly they will use the service with thier existing product.

If you’re bored I suggest giving this podcast from TechStuff a listen. ##Zoom Boom




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