I Touched a Commodore64

Yes, it’s true. Yesterdady, Tuesday (6/23/2020) I actually got to lay my hands on a true Commodore64. It was bliss, the keyboard was fantastic to the touch and typing. It now has inspired me to search Ebay for a Commodore64 of my own. With intentions to actually use it somewhat for simple tasks and playing on. I believe it would be pure fun to learn to program those old games in BASIC. Maybe even convince my children to use it for playing old games. I know for many it’s not a big deal, but I’m from a generation that missed out on what a real computer was. And being able to actually lay my hands on one instead of just seeing pictures just tickles all my nerdy bits.

Now, I just got to convince my wife to let me buy more “junk”. Fingers crossed Boss Lady aproves of the Commodore64, mini desktop, and a 8bit DIY computer this summer.


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