I'm alive!

Welp, just a quick update to say, I’m alive! I officially went through my first hurricane (Dorian) ever. The day before the hurricane was due to hit my town I spent it fixing a roof on my Mother-in-law’s shed, preping my house (my Wife did most of the prepping for our place; she is awesome!), and working at the job. The Dooms Day I pretty much finished helping pack clothes and items and then waited for the merciless force of Mother Nature to do her thang. It was a little nerve racking, sitting, waiting, but, after all was said and done Dorian went by in the early hours and left very little damages in my area. She mostly just dumped a fair amount of water on us and threw some winds in our direction. Now that she has been gone for a few days life is returning back to normal and I’m now more prepared for the next inevitable future hurricane. Bright side, after Dorian moved further North I had a little free time to do a tune up to the cars, yay. Maybe now I can resume my newbie adventures and writing some terrible blog posts.

P.S. The most damage Dorian did was to my sinuses. I now have a cold or sinus infection. :/

Until next time o/