Welp, this looks something like a blog. I’m pretty new to this so, yeah. Why create a blog? Well, I figured why the hell not. I love reading other’s techy, hacker-ish, maker-ish blogs that are 50% tutorial and 100% nerdy. But, I been wanting to start compiling my own mini projects, hobbies, and keeping a sort of log for them as I work my way from newb to newb-ish. So, I’m starting this adventure to learn, stave off boredom, and to share my future adventures into random things I do through out the week. I’ll be randomly playing with new to me tech, maker/hacker things, programming, personal events, school, FOSS ramblings and just life in general will be the topics here. If this sort of thing tickles your fancy then I hope you will follow along as I write terribly about pretty much anything.

Now that is out of the way, I’d like to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Jordan aka dudeman007. I’m a young-ish and decently laid back guy hailing from the southern parts of the USA. I like a simple and slower way of life. Being raised on a farm I still find myself loving the secluded fields, woods and mountains, raising animals, and growing gardens. I also have fallen in love with the growth of technology and just learning in general (totally opposite from when I was a younger man), as I now believe in being a life long learner and passing your knowledge on to your next generation. I’m currently in school for software development and C++ is my language of choice (it’s the only one I know). Side note: networking and electrical engineering are other fields I’ve recently found fascinating.

As I continue to learn and stomp my way through the barriers I’ll be posting my struggles, successes, and “oh shits” for anyone interested, while hopefully appealing to a group of like minded individuals.

o/ Until next post.