Happy Easter ya’ll!

It’s another beautiful day in my part of Eastern North Carolina and today happens to be Easter. I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and possibly the nice weather where ever you are at. Also, hope all you all been blessed with a bounty of fantastic foods. Today I woke up early and decided to smoke a ham. It’s my first one, so I had to read up on it a little, but over all I think it turned out pretty great. Most importantly it was wife and kid approved. Here is a shot I took after the smoking process.


If you are wondering, I smoked it with apple chips at 230F for around 2 or 3 hours (I honestly forgot now how long), spritzed it with unfiltered apple juice every once a while to keep it moist. Then an hour before it was done I glazed it with a raw honey, butter, and brownsugar mixture. The juices were flowing, the sugars carmalizing, and my mouth watering. My wife was awesome and made me my favorite potato salad and some baked mac and cheese! Over all it was a fantastic meal and a even better day. I’m currently writing this while sitting outside watching my children unleash calamity upon mother nature and my neighborhood. Yup, good day! Now if only if I stop being lazy and go back inside I’ll make a blackberry cobbler for desert.

You can see more pics of the ham @pixelfed.

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