Entering the World of Baking

So as a normal human I have hobbies or at the very least interests. Some interests come and go like breeze, but some stick around for a little longer. That interest being baking. Yeah I know nothing exciting but I never really baked before nor really cared for the idea of baking. But recently I started pulling out my old cast iron skillets out of storage and cleaning them up. Then I wondered what all can I do with these heavy wrist killing pans. Turns out, pretty much what ever I want; from frying on the stove top or a camp fire to shoving it directly into the oven. I forgot how versatile cast iron cookware is. On top of that I get the manly feeling of cooking on IRON and a little dose of iron leached into my food (which is NOT bad for you). Simple and quick clean up and a non-stick layer of seasoning and I’m starting to see why my Grandparents always used cast iron or stainless steel cookware.

Onto the baking

For a week I been craving cornbread, not a usual Jiffy kind of cornbread but real southern cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet to a golden moist perfection. Thanks to a 30min searching session on Duckduckgo I finally found a recipe I wanted to try (which I’ll link at the bottom) and a major thanks to ThePioneerWoman for posting this delicious recipe.

Pro tip: pre-heat you iron pans before cooking

Now I won’t dive into the recipe itself since you can get it in a printable format from the blog itself, but what I will slightly dive into is the feeling I got when my FIRST EVER cornbread/real baking turned out awesome. So much so that my family ate the whole thing that day.

A little snap of my incredibly tasty cornbread image image

Hooked on a feeling

Dang, that feeling was awesome. I made something from scratch and it was delicious and it didn’t turn out as a black, burnt, rounded doorstop. On top of that It was some quality bread made with simple ingredients and probably healthier for my family than a store bought bread. That got me to thinking, what other breads I could bake that the family would enjoy and still be “healthier” and fresher than what I’d buy at a store and it be baked mainly in iron cookware. Turns out there is a crap ton of stuff. Old fashion white breads, seasonal breads, sourdough breads, breads I can’t pronounce. If you haven’t caught on I’m starting to get hooked on baking, especially in southern country recipes and a somewhat old fashion way. I done another search to find some more recipes and behold I found a simple white bread recipe that I can make. If it turns out good then possibly it could replace me buying loaf bread every week, at least I’m hoping. This weeks bread adventure will be another recipe from ThePioneerWoman’s blog, Pumpkin Spice Muffins. These caught the eye of my prego wife (of course they did), so she requested this recipe. :D

After those muffins I’ll be looking into diving into real bread, like the old fashion white bread. Already purchased my bread tins and the common things I will be needing. Yup, it’s official I’ve been bitten by the cast iron cookware and baking bug.

Until next time o/

Second pro-tip: drizzle a little bit of honey on top of your cornbreads if you are wanting something a little sweet; I’d recommend a raw and unfiltered natural honey.

Recipes I recommend trying:

Skillet Cornbread - ThePioneerWoman

Skillet Banana Bread - TheMeaningofPie

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to hit me up on Fosstodon or email me, I would love to hear what you got!

Also, don’t forget to check out the blogs I mentioned, they have some crazy awesome recipes and advice not just for baking, but, cooking southern and northern recipes.