Good morning America!

The weather is nice, the coffee is flowing, and the census2020 mail has been found in that organized pile of mail. Yes, it’s that time, to complete the 2020 Census. I know some may forget such as I, or some may ignore it entirely. It’s easy and only takes about 10mins to complete and unfortuantly it’s required by law. Please don’t forget that last part. Others may have issues turning this information over to their Federal government, but I for one do not mind. As the information does flow freely between Federal and State, allowing for better decesions at different layers in the world of “city planning”. Time to dail back that paranora and remember that everything related to any form of government program is not always entirely evil or designed with malcious intent to watch your every suspicious American step.

I just completed mine about 15 minutes prior to this post. A little side note, I am a little dissapointed in the process. Unlike many good forms, this form does not show you a full detail of your answers before submitting. Forcing you to go back through the entire process again to double check! That is truely dumb. Maybe next time they will pay attention to that little detail. Oh well, already done and was only a minor complaint about the entire process.

So with that being said, don’t be lazy or forgetful like I, “Jordan the Lazy AND Forgetful” and carve out 10mins of your morning or afternoon to submit your response.

link to my2020census.gov

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