At Home Edu

Caution, this is just a rant and mainly targeted for parents of elementary children.

If you are one of the many parents teaching your children at home now during the Covid-19 crap I have just one thing to tell you. For the love of all things good and awesome please work with your children on grasping the concept of what ever they are working on. To hell with getting assignments done in a timely manner and making excellent grades! They need to understand the basic building blocks so they can have a solid foundation to build other knowlege upon, not the answers. Who cares if it takes you an hour for your kid to spell a word. It’s the understanding of the topic that counts! Rushing them through assignments to get it done doesn’t help, but hurts them in the long run. Otherwise, we are worse than the broken school systems we have now. It doesn’t matter if you teach them the way the teacher or schoolboard recommends, the point is to grasp the concept. Once they do, they will more easily understand more complex problems, since you, yes you the parent, have given them the tools to learn!





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